Whatsapp Marketing Solutions

Whatsapp Marketing Solutions

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Whatsapp has touched more than a billion lives on this planet. Making every 1 of 7 people on this planet accessible and connected via this very easy to use mobile messaging app acquired by Facebook for whopping 19 billion dollars. For business, Whatsapp is an amazing promotional tool. B2B businesses make use of Whatsapp messages to communicate and inform their client community. Increasing customer engagement has become so many times easier using this app. Highly equipped with talented and innovative professionals, our teams are well trained for using Whatsapp as a marketing tool to the best of their ability. At CreativeClick, we provide 24x7 supports to your Whatsapp for business marketing service. Below are the key features that we practice at CreativeClick that makes us stand out from others.

What Do We Provide ?

Global reach, 24×7 delivery and viral circulation of your news or Whatsapp advertisement just like twitter retweets & facebook share & likes. There are many more advantages of integrating your own Whatsapp marketing software or Whatsapp marketing tool in your business. These depend on case to case basis. Various Whatsapp marketing companies or agencies are providing these advisory services just like us. It’s a great promotion tool.

Features of Whatsapp marketing

  • Send unlimited messages
  • Add unlimited recipients
  • Bulk messaging
  • Filter active number on Whatsapp
  • Send text images, videos, pdf files or documents and web URL’s
  • Grabs instant attention and response
  • High Return on investment (ROI) for marketing & promotion of products


CreativeClick Whatsapp Marketing Solutions

  • Send long text messages, pictures, videos – A picture or video is worth thousand words, it clarifies your message by images and videos.
  • It is an efficient, low cost, effective and cheaper service than traditional bulk SMS marketing services.
  • Guaranteed Delivery – we guarantee the delivery of your messages to the mobile numbers and also provide you a detailed report (delivery reports). It’s ability of mass marketing, wide audience and the best way to convey your critical and time-sensitive information in the fastest way; bulk Whatsapp marketing and promotional services is the fastest way to reach out to people.